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B2S is a new recording studio in Rome. 2 control rooms, recording and mixing, composing and arranging, voice-over and music for videos and films. Fefo Forconi is the resident sound engineer, producer and guitarist for Malfunk, Almamegretta and much more. Do you want to know more about B2S? Contact us!


  • Multitrack recording of a live performance of a complete ensemble. You can record the live performance of an ensemble with or without a metronome in the headphones, taking advantage depending on the kind of training and one or two recording rooms to promote the independence of the sound sources while maintaining eye contact with the large glasses and contact audio through the headphone ultilizzo. You can then overdub any instrumental solo parts, choir, additional percussion, effects, etc


  • Multitrack recording of a part of ensemble. You can register starting from the rhythm section (eg. Bass and drums) or by the instrument that dictates the sound and timing (eg. Piano or guitar), perhaps adding a lead voice to allow others to orient themselves within the structure of the song and / or you will lose the sound going. Subsequently they will be overdubbed other accompanying instruments and the soloists.


  • A musician at a time. You can time-shifted manner to record an instrument at a time, with or without support of the metronome starting from the rhythm section and gradually add all the other instruments and voices. In this case it is recommended, especially if it is not professional musicians, previously record a guide track performed by a harmonic instrument, and an instrument / voice solo to allow the rhythm section to perform the part without having to imagine everything else and then not to miss the sound intention that can manifest itself through fluctuation or surges unwanted dynamic.


  • Starting from a pre-production. Increasingly songwriters and groups play a pre-production work in his home studio, this allows him to get in the studio with a very clear idea of ​​the result to be obtained. E ‘can then bring in the studio a project already started with its reference sofwtare (Cubase, Logic, nuendo, reason, live, etc …) containing sequences with loops, voices and guidance tools, and use it as the basis for engraving of instruments and voices in the studio you can be made with higher quality and attention to detail.



  • Tascam DM3200 – Expansion Card IF-FW/DM Firewire Audio Interface 32 in/out


  • APPLE iMac i5 2,7GHZ 16GB RAM (double monitor)


  • Apple LogicX
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • Ableton Live


  • Krk V8 serie 2
  • Event Tr8
  • Icon DT 5A Air


  • Universal Audio 4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics
  • 1x Joemeek TWINQ (2 ch)
  • 1x Presonus Digimax (8 ch)
  • 1x Icon Reo Tube G2
  • Yamaha SPX 900
  • Alesis Microverb III
  • Alesid Midiverb III
  • Technics Turntable system SL-J110R


  • Waves Complete v9
  • EZ Drummer 2
  • Native Instruments – Komplete 10 Ultimate
  • Isotope Ozone
  • Isotope Nectar 2
  • Isotope Alloy 2


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