Perform your music to the best audiences in the world! The venues in this pack will be particular locations where the artist will perform in front of an audience that doesn’t know his music, but that is a lover of the genre. The locations will be selected according to the music genre to the popularity of the same. Our venues circuit is constantly updated, and varies according to the artist, to the availability of the structure and the period chosen. Only upon acceptance of the proposal, we will be able to provide a list of available locations.

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Perform your music to the best audiences in the world!
Our special pack for you:
5 gigs

  • 2 showcases (no refund for artist/band)

These are promotional performances made in locations suitable for the music you make. All travel expenses, room and board will be your responsibility;

  • crowded venues
  • backline provided (where possible)
  • 3 gigs with refund for artist/band (valid only in Italy)

These are venues that have chosen the band and where it is expected a refund. But, from the total cost are always excluded costs of board and lodging;

  • 1 slot streaming

Our city teams will review your application and will be in touch if they like what they hear. Contact us and tell us about your music!


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